Text Box: CWK Consulting, LLC

Text Box: Project Management and Database Business Applications

Text Box: The following list identifies some of the professional services that CWK Consulting offers. Let us work with you to determine how we can help your business become more efficient, giving you the time to grow your business and reduce your data processing cost.

Text Box: List of services

Text Box: Our project management services cover all elements of project management from startup to closeout activities. Click here for more details.

Text Box: Project Management Services

Text Box: Need to manage work orders/service orders? Our systems are keyed to your business and can tie seamlessly into your invoicing, inventory or any other system. Click here for more details.

Text Box: Work Order/Service Order Tracking

Text Box: Do you need a system that tracks all of your bids and gives you current information on whatís in your pipeline? Let use put together a system that tracks and provides all types of reports and proposal documents. Click here for more details.

Text Box: Bid and Proposal Development

Text Box: Is your inventory out of control or you donít know what you need from day to day? Let us help you get your inventory under control. We can also tie it into your other systems as well! Click here for more details.

Text Box: Inventory Management Systems

Text Box: Are your business processes documented and do they reflect how you actually run your business? We can help you document your processes and identify areas where modifications may be needed. Click here for more details.

Text Box: Process Activity Tracking

Text Box: Are you changing systems and need to get data from one application to another? Let us work with you to make the data transition as smooth as possible without a lot of work on your part. Click here for more details.

Text Box: Data Conversion Activities




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